Not only in its city of birth, Buenos Aires, but in the whole world, Tango Argentino is currently experiencing a wave of tremendous popularity. It sprang up in the last months of the 20 th century in the docklands, soon to become known throughout Europe, the dance was jubilantly embraced in the 1920's by high society in Paris. During the 1980's, Tango Argentino made its appearance in Europe and – much as it had earlier in Buenos Aires – experienced almost explosive development, becoming a loved and vital popular dance, far removed from the formal practice of ballroom dancing.


Tango Argentino is perhaps the most intensive pair dance, its fascination deriving from the relationship inside the dancing pairs. This keeps the dance alive and makes it work – simply because the lead and response are transmitted and expressed through the body – a dance brim full of emotion, elegance and dynamic action unfolds before the observer. The very music of Tango – no less varied than the dance itself – has at all times inspired dancers by its spontaneous expression – once exuberant, then dramatic, then melancholy. In fact, Tango relies on improvisation both in dance and music, arises out of the moment, and varies greatly in expression.


The Estudio DNI Tango is the tango school lead by Dana Frígoli in Buenos Aires. Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frígoli, who have reached the summit of world acclaim, founded this school in 2003 together with a highly motivated and committed group of teachers and dancers, who are now the no. 1 address among the tango schools in Buenos Aires.

The basis of the enormous success enjoyed by such a young tango school is, among other things, the T.T.C. ("Tango Technique Conceptual") developed by themselves, a technique modelled on the natural movement of the body and incorporating yoga insights, contemporary and contact improvisation, without departing from the roots of Tango. Thanks to this new concept, the Tango is massively enriched, offering dancers a superb conceptual framework, irrespective of whether they adhere to the Tango Nuevo or the classical tango styles.

By this method, the dancer learns to become more aware of his/her body, utilising it to generate and receive impulses. In this way, the expressive power of the dance is enhanced, because energy is thereby enabled to circulate freely in the body. The pair experiences a heartfelt link, which gives rise to a dancing dialogue, which in turn becomes a central element of the dance. This can indeed be seen and felt!


We ourselves got to know one another –while dancing Tango of course – in early 2003. We were both enchanted with the beauty of Tango, and from then on began dancing intensively together, and have been teaching since early 2005 under the name „¡Quereme Tango!“, "Love me, tango!". The Tango Argentino soon began to play a central role in our relationship, vastly enriching this and our whole life.
We love Tango for its capacity to bring people together, and to create an atmosphere of connectedness between the dancers, and, of course, between man and woman. Tango is a wonderful way to give artistic expression to our feelings and sentiments.


During our training as professional dancers, we became aware of how many-facetted the Tango is, and of how many styles are being taught. In fact, the Tango Argentino encompasses numerous tango styles, since the dance has undergone boisterous development right from the start.


The DNI concept seemed to us to be the most natural and coherent way to interpret and teach the dance. The DNI Company, which now numbers 7 pairs of teachers, is probably the optimum way to teach the tango technique and lives up to our expectations where friendliness and dedication are concerned.


Unique among the very few tango schools in Germany, we have been learning and teaching the DNI concept since 2007 with the express approval and encouragement of DNI. We maintain close contact with DNI, and each year invite dancers from there to visit Freiburg, We also organise a yearly tango festival in Freiburg. During our regular visits to Buenos Aires, we take the opportunity to get further training at the DNI.

In our lessons in Freiburg, we wish to give our students the opportunity to share our enthusiasm. Also, we place emphasis on a friendly atmosphere in our courses, and on a light-hearted and humorous style. In our view, the Tango should be a pleasure right from the start!

During our courses, we help and support each student individually, and try to adjust the speed of learning to suit each individual student.



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